Seek To Save Afghans From American Crisis, Says Qomi


Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran Special Representative for Afghanistan, announced on Monday that his efforts are dedicated to save Afghans from the nightmare of sedition, instability and the crisis created by the US.

Mr. Qomi also said on Twitter that during his trip to Central Asia, he discussed various issues with officials of the countries from that region.

Mr. Qomi has recently been vocal about controversial topics too. During the Taliban's offensive on Mawlawi Mahdi's forces in Balkhab district of Sar-e-Pul province, Qomi said that "the war in Balkhab is a preliminary sedition of America". He emphasized that Afghan politicians should stay away from the Balkhab war, because, according to him, anyone who incites this war is playing into America’s hands.

He stated, "America's priority for purposeful chaos in Afghanistan is to blow an ethnic and religious war, in order to make Hazara and Tajik victims of their plan and regionalize the Afghan crisis."

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