Russian Special Representative for Afghanistan Calls US’ Freezing of Afghan Funds "Theft"


Russia's Special Representative for Afghanistan strongly criticized the US government for freezing more than seven billion funds of Afghanistan.

During his speech at the international conference in Tashkent, Zamir Kabulov, spoke about the dire situation of the people of Afghanistan and said that the US has "robbed" Afghanistan by blocking its funds.

Kabulov said that in Afghanistan the average income of a person is less than a dollar per day and blocking the Afghanistan funds, which could be used for the growth of the country’s economy, is a "theft".

The Russian Special Envoy stressed that the government supported by the US and its allies in Afghanistan, which was in office for 20 years, was a government that was based on corruption.

He said that the senior officials of the previous government fled Afghanistan and the damages caused by the actions of that government should be compensated by the US and its allies.

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