Taliban Shoots Young Man, Then Displays His Body in Herat, Say Local Sources


Taliban officials shot dead a young man and displayed his body at Share Naw in Herat city on Wednesday, according to local sources.

Afghanistan International obtained images of the incident which revealed the presence of blood all over the man’s body.

The Taliban police in Herat claim that they have killed an "armed robber". However, texts plastered across the body of the man read “the assassin of Mujahedin was punished for his deeds”.

A statement from the Taliban in Herat stated that the group’s forces encountered armed robbers during patrol operations in Herat city.

After taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban has displayed the bodies of several executed men in a number of provinces including Herat, Nimroz, and Nangarhar.

The Taliban’s act has garnered criticism and that’s why, the group's cabinet decided that Taliban members should avoid displaying the faces of "criminals" and the bodies of executed people without a court order.

Despite this decision of the Taliban cabinet, the members of this group have indulged in displaying the bodies of the people they had executed on charges of being members of the Islamic State-Khurasan (IS-K) and kidnapping.

Earlier, human rights groups criticized the Taliban for punishing the accused without due process and free and fair trails.

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