Taliban Violated Doha Agreement by Sheltering al-Zawahiri in Kabul, Says US Dept State

Tuesday, 08/02/2022

The US State Department in a statement announced that the Taliban grossly violated the Doha Agreement by sheltering the leader of the Al-Qaeda in Kabul.

It added that the Taliban had betrayed the people of Afghanistan and their own stated desire of recognition from the world.

The statement further elaborated that in the face of the Taliban’s unwillingness or inability to abide by their commitments, the US will continue to support the Afghan people with robust humanitarian assistance and to advocate for the protection of their human rights, especially of women and girls.

The US State Department said, " The world is a safer place following the death of Zawahiri, and the United States will continue to act resolutely against those who would threaten our country, our people, or our allies and partners.”

On Sunday, residents of Kabul heard a loud explosion. The Taliban announced that a missile landed at an empty house in Shirpur area in district 10 of Kabul, and there were no casualties, but on Monday, the Taliban spokesman admitted that the explosion was caused by a US drone strike.

Later, US President Joe Biden announced on Monday evening, that Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in an airstrike by American forces in Kabul.

According to the US State Department, with the operation in Kabul city that led to the death of the al-Qaeda leader, United States has fulfilled its commitment and will continue to do so in the future in the face of any threats.

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