Afghan Women Protesters Call Silence on Violation of Rights Shameful


Several Afghan women protested in Kabul and asked the international community to support women rights in Afghanistan.

The Women Solidarity Group stressed that the international community’s silence regarding the violation of women's rights in Afghanistan is "shameful".

The female protesters also said that Afghanistan should not be allowed to become a safe haven for terrorists.

The group sent a video to Afghanistan International and said, "Schools have not been opened for girls for a year. We want our rights."

The protesting women asked the Taliban not to politicize education and not to discriminate between men and women.

They said, "Our demand is that you don't differentiate between men and women in terms of education, work and social activities.”

The Women Solidarity Group called on all human rights groups to stand together and protest against the strict policies of the Taliban.

In their protest, the women said that the killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network in Kabul, shows that the Taliban have turned Afghanistan into a safe haven for terrorists.

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