Taliban Kills Iranian Soldier at Taybad Border Region of Afghanistan-Iran

Wednesday, 08/10/2022

In a gunbattle between Taliban and Iranian forces in the Taybad border region of Iran and Afghanistan, an Iranian soldier has been killed, Borna, Iran's state news agency reported.

According to Borna, the Taliban forces attacked a patrol vehicle of the Iranian border forces.

Taliban and Iranian authorities have not commented on the issue so far.

If confirmed by officials, this is the second Iranian soldier to be killed by the Taliban since the group took control of Afghanistan.

Previously according to Afghanistan International's sources from Nimroz province, a Taliban fighter had shot at Iranian border guards, one of whom was killed.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, then, responded by asking the Taliban to identify and punish the perpetrators of the attack.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran had stressed that "the incidents on the border between Iran and Afghanistan happened as of result of the lack of attention and understanding of Afghan border guards about the border lines of the two countries".

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