Taliban Establishes New Directorate in MoHE to Review Syllabus of Afghan Universities

Friday, 08/12/2022

The Taliban Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) announced that a new directorate has been established to review the academic syllabus taught at universities in Afghanistan.

Ahmad Taqi, Taliban’s spokesperson of MoHE, said that there will be changes in the hours and content of some university subjects.

According to him, experts and representatives of all public and private universities had been invited and many meetings had been held in order to revise and change the university curriculum.

Earlier, sources from the Ministry of Higher Education confirmed to Afghanistan International that the Taliban are looking for broad changes in the curriculum of Afghan universities.

According to the document obtained by Afghanistan International at that time, the Taliban reduced the teaching hours of the main subjects of universities and instead tripled the hours of Islamic culture.

Previously, the subject of Islamic culture was taught in eight credits across all faculties of Afghan universities, but the Taliban increased that to 24 credits.

Reports indicate that the Taliban intend to add Quran recitation and interpretation, intellectual awareness and religions and sects in the university syllabus.

Several university professors told Afghanistan International, "The Taliban are imposing their ideological curriculum, which is based on dogmatic beliefs, on universities."

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