1,500 Civilians Killed Under Taliban Rule in 1 Year, Says Human Rights Group

Monday, 08/15/2022

More than 1,500 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan since August 15, 2021, as per Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC).

According to AIHRC, the Taliban have systemically violated human rights in Afghanistan.

In its annual report, the AIHRC stressed that in the past year under the Taliban, 17 major targeted suicide and complex attacks have taken place at holy shrines, educational centers, transportation systems, and sports stadiums across Afghanistan as a result of which 540 people had been killed and 519 others had been injured.

The Islamic State-Khurasan (IS-K) group has been identified as the main perpetrator of these attacks. According to AIHRC, the Taliban have failed to prevent large-scale and targeted suicide attacks by the IS-K.

In the report, AIHRC stated that targeted killings, clashes, cold-blooded killings of prisoners of war and kangaroo courts caused the most civilian casualties, because of which 980 civilians had been killed and 587 civilians had been injured. The victims included 98 women and 56 children.

The findings of AIHRC confirm that the human rights situation in Afghanistan is alarming and that the Taliban has systematically violated the human rights of Afghan citizens.

AIHRC confirmed that women, media personnel and former government employees have been affected the most and their human rights have been highly impacted under the Taliban.

The human rights commission stressed that there is enough evidence that Islamic State-Khorasan and the Taliban continue to systematically engage in inhumane behaviour despite international pressures.

According to AIHRC, in the past year, the Taliban have not been able to form the most basic standards of legitimate governance and rule of law.

The findings of the commission indicate that the Taliban removed 3,500 prosecutors from their duties and replaced them with non-professional religious seminary students.

The Human Rights Commission said that since August of last year, women have been experiencing the worst living conditions and that the Taliban’s gender apartheid rule is in clear conflict with the demand for women's political participation.

The AIHRC urged the international community not to recognize the government of the Taliban until the group conforms to the will of Afghan citizens and guarantees their human rights.

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