Imprisonment of Civilians Against Principles of Human Rights, Says Faiq

Tuesday, 08/23/2022

Imprisonment of civilians is against the principles of international humanitarian law, said Nasir Ahmad Faiq, acting head of Afghanistan Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

Faiq reacted to recent reports regarding detention of civilians in Panjshir province by the Taliban.

He has urged for an investigation into the civilian detentions in Panjshir.

A video clip has been circulating on social media depicting Taliban officials arresting a number of people with handcuffs.

Taliban forces claim that the detained people were members of the National Resistance Front (NRF).

Many have criticised the Taliban’s behaviour after the release of the video clip. Several social media users have stated that the Taliban arrest and imprison civilians under the pretext of fostering relationship with the National Resistance Front.

After the National Resistance Front increased its attacks against the Taliban members in Panjshir, this group has appointed one of its most radical commanders as the commander of Panjshir and Andrab.

According to reports, the Taliban have also sent hundreds of additional troops to Panjshir province on Monday.

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