Taliban To Sign Air Traffic Services Contract With UAE-Based Company

Thursday, 09/08/2022

Taliban announced that the contract for the provision of air traffic services will be signed between Kabul and Abu Dhabi today.

The office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Taliban confirmed that the air traffic services contract has been negotiated with UAE-based GAAC solutions.

Earlier in May 2022, the Taliban signed another contract with GAAC solutions for ground handling of Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, and Mazar-e-Sharif airports.

According to the Taliban with GAAC solutions in charge, the provision of flight and air traffic support services will increase at Afghanistan's airports.

Earlier, a spokesman for the Taliban's Ministry of Transportation had confirmed that an aviation security agreement had already been signed with the United Arab Emirates, but the air traffic services agreement had not yet been finalised.

The Taliban has emphasised that after GAAC solutions take over the air traffic services in Afghanistan, the provision of air services for aircraft passing through the Afghan airspace will be conducted with international standards.

Previously, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar were engaged in negotiations with the Taliban to manage the ground handling and air traffic services in Afghanistan.

Taliban officials believe that the agreement with GAAC solutions will ensure flight safety and the group will regain access to sources of income from transit flights.

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