Taliban Furious After Schools Reopen in Paktia. Principals of Girls' Schools Arrested

Saturday, 09/10/2022

Sources said that the Taliban leadership in Kandahar summoned the provincial director of education in Paktia province and questioned him regarding the reopening of girls’ schools.

Taliban officials arrested the principals who had reopened the girls’ schools in the province.

Sources from southern Afghanistan said that the principals of four schools from Gardiz city and one school from Samkani district were imprisoned by the Taliban.

Local sources told Afghanistan International last week that four girls' secondary schools in Gardiz, the capital city of Paktia province, and one high school in Samkani district had been reopened for girls.

On Saturday, however, when female students went to school, they were prevented by the Taliban members.

The students, then, protested and chanted slogans about the right to education for Afghan girls in Gardiz city.

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