Karzai Emphasises on Reopening Schools for Girls in Afghanistan

Monday, 09/12/2022

Former president Hamid Karzai, in a meeting with Markus Potzel, the Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Kabul, once again sought the reopening of girls' schools.

Karzai had earlier too supported the protest of schoolgirls in Paktia.

On Monday, Karzai wrote on his twitter account that during the meeting with Potzel, he emphasised on the need for intra-Afghan talks to achieve lasting peace and stability in the country.

It has been over a year since Afghan girls have been denied secondary education, and the Taliban have failed to meet the demands of the Afghan people and the international community on reopening the secondary schools for girls across Afghanistan.

On Sunday, the Minister of Education of the Taliban during a trip to Uruzgan province said that people in remote parts of Afghanistan do not want girls above 16 to attend school.

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