Afghan Woman Activist in Hiding After Taliban Issues Arrest Warrant

Tuesday, 09/13/2022

Monisa Mubariz, a leader of Afghan women protesters in Kabul, says that the Taliban have issued an arrest warrant for her, and she is currently in hiding.

Mubariz said that she had been informed about a visit by Taliban officials at her house in Kabul.

Mubariz told Afghanistan International that the residents informed her that the Taliban visited her apartment with her photo in their hands and asked about her whereabouts.

Mubariz is one of the several women protesters who had held demonstrations in Kabul and chanted for "bread, work, freedom" after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021.

She and her fellow protesters challenged the Taliban's control over Afghanistan.

Mubariz was also involved in organising the August 13 demonstration in Kabul. After this demonstration, a photo of her facing a Taliban gunman went viral on social media.

She once told Afghanistan International that during the demonstration a Taliban member grabbed her phone and didn’t return it to her.

In recent months, Mubariz has also questioned the Taliban’s rule on Afghanistan and criticised the group’s policies and governance on various TV shows in Kabul.

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