World Food Programe Trains 50,000 Afghans with Marketable Skills


The World Food Programme (WFP) in Afghanistan announced that more than 50,000 Afghans have been trained in various marketable skills this year.

WFP has completed training courses in tailoring, carpet weaving, mechanics, phone repair and gem cutting.

According to WFP, through this training, the skilled individuals will be able to secure their own food.

Estimates by international organisations show that under the Taliban rule, more than half of the population of Afghanistan is facing extreme hunger.

Millions of children struggling with hunger in Afghanistan are potentially at risk of death, according to Save the Children.

WFP, too, has reported on Twitter that the organisation distributed food and cash to people and children in different regions of Afghanistan.

At the same time, the organisation called for more humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and said that the budget of the World Food Program is running out.

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