Taliban Whips Out New Mandatory Mask Rule For Female Guests on TV

Monday, 09/26/2022

Agents of the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice of the Taliban have announced new restrictions for media outlets in Kabul.

Sources said that female guests on TV shows must wear masks compulsorily otherwise media outlets can’t invite them for their shows.

Managers of a list of TV channels in Kabul too confirmed that agents of the Taliban have shown up at the TV stations’ offices and imposed new restrictions on Sunday. However, they haven’t provided details about these restrictions.

Previously, the Taliban had imposed restrictions on female media workers in Afghanistan. According to the order of the Taliban, wearing masks had been mandatory for Afghan female presenters.

In the past year, the Taliban has imposed many restrictions in the field of media and on journalists.

Many local media organisations have stopped their operations due to threats and pressure from the Taliban in the provinces and many female journalists have lost their jobs.

Hundreds of journalists have also left Afghanistan and active media outlets in Afghanistan are not allowed to report freely or against the wishes of the Taliban.

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