Protesters Gather In Front of UK PM’s Office, Demand End to Hazara Genocide

Wednesday, 10/12/2022

Following the global protest against the targeted killing of Hazaras, hundreds of Afghans held a demonstration in London on Wednesday.

Protesters gathered in front of the British Prime Minister's office and demanded an end to the "Genocide of Hazaras" in Afghanistan.

The demonstration had been scheduled to march toward the British Parliament. The organisers of the demonstration said that the march will continue in front of the parliament.

Several representatives of the demonstrators will, then, enter the UK Parliament and meet with the parliamentarians.

After the deadly attack at the Kaaj educational center in the west of Kabul, Afghan citizens have held demonstrations in and abroad Afghanistan. In the past days, thousands of Afghan citizens protested in nearly a hundred cities around the world and demanded an end to the "Genocide of Hazaras" in Afghanistan.

The demonstrators have said that the Hazaras have been subject to systematic killings in Afghanistan ruled by the Taliban. They have urged the rights groups and countries to investigate and take actions against the genocidal killings of Hazaras.

According to UN reports, at least 53 students had died, and more than a hundred others had been injured in the suicide attack at the Kaaj educational center.

The attack has been widely condemned and a week later, no one has claimed responsibility for it.

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