Taliban Flogs Boy, Girl on Suspicions of Premarital Affair in Bamiyan

Thursday, 11/17/2022

Local sources in Bamiyan told Afghanistan International that on Thursday, the Taliban publicly flogged a girl and a boy, on suspicion of having a premarital affair.

They flogged the two at the "Shaheed Mazari" stadium in Bamiyan city in the presence of hundreds of people.

Sources said that the girl and boy had visited Bamiyan from Kabul about a month ago when they were arrested by Taliban forces at the Band-e Amir National Park on suspicions of a premarital relationship.

The sources said that each of them had been sentenced to 39 flogs.

Sources stated that the Taliban did not allow the audience to document the flogging scene. Two of these people, who had taken pictures of the flogging, have been detained by the Taliban.

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