Haqqani Network Kidnaps Afghan Woman Raped by Ex-Taliban Interior Minister Spokesperson

Friday, 11/25/2022

In an open letter to the United Nations, the family of Elaha Delawarzai, claimed that the team behind her evacuation to Pakistan had revealed her whereabouts to Taliban.

According to the family, the Haqqani network kidnapped Delawarzai from Islamabad and returned her to Kabul.

The family of Delawarzai stressed that in her last message, the abducted women told them about the revelation of her whereabouts to the Taliban.

Delawarzai, a former medical student, recently claimed that she was raped and tortured by Qari Saeed Khosty, the former spokesman of Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Taliban's interior minister.

In an open letter to the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA), the family of Delawarzai said that she had given an interview to a reporter from the Toronto Star on November 11 after which, she had gone missing.

In an interview with the Toronto Star, Delawarzai revealed that she had left Afghanistan and was wanted by the Taliban.

Delawarzai stressed that she was disappointed with every stakeholder. "The world is still rolling the red carpet under the feet of the Taliban, while many women are brutally tortured in Taliban prisons," Delawarzai insisted.

She also stressed that she was worried that the Taliban might harm her in the neighboring country.

According to Delawarzai's family, they had been informed by a source after November 11 that she had said in a call that "the Haqqani network knew her address in Pakistan". She said that she had been returned to Kabul and Qari Saeed Khosty has told her to submit to the Taliban court.

Khosty, a former spokesperson of the Taliban's Ministry of Interior, has been accused of using his position to forcibly marry Delawarzai and subjected her to sexual assault and violence.

After the revelation of Khosty’s sexual assaults by Delawarzai, the Taliban official accused Delawarzai of insulting sacred things.

In the open letter to UNAMA, Delawarzai's family said that as threats increased against her, Human First organisation, headed by Safi Raouf, evacuated her from Afghanistan.

The family said that Delawarzai had been living in a house rented by Rauf’s organisation until October 26, 2022.

The family added they found out on November 24, that someone mentioned Khosty on Twitter and wrote in Pashto, "your wife is with us".

Delawarzai's family added that the photo posted on Twitter was the same picture which the driver of the Human First team had taken from Delawarzai and sent to Rauf on the day they had evacuated her to Pakistan.

In the letter, it has been stated that only the driver and Rauf had copies of that photo.

Delawarzai’s family said that Raouf denied being the only one who had access to that photo and said that he had shared the photo with the United Nations.

Delawarzai's family has rejected the claim that she was arrested by the Pakistani police and returned to Afghanistan, saying that they are certain that she was kidnapped by the Haqqani network.

The family stated that they are not aware of Delawarzai’s current situation or if she is alive and asked UNAMA and human rights organisations to intervene with the issue.

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