Over 60 University Lecturers Resign In Protest of Taliban’s Gender Apartheid Policies

Friday, 12/23/2022

Just two days after the Taliban imposed a ban on higher education for girls, more than 60 university lecturers have protested and resigned from their positions.

The lecturers have called their resignations a form of protest against the gender apartheid policy of the Taliban.

The wave of resignations of university lecturers began when the Taliban ordered banning girls from higher education in public and private universities across Afghanistan.

These university professors have individually resigned from their positions. but have mentioned clearly that they no longer continue to work in the higher education field in Afghanistan due to the Taliban’s ban on girls’ education.

They have also said that they are not ready to return to Afghanistan until the decree of the Taliban leader against girls’ higher education is revoked.

At the same time, a number of university professors have announced that they will not attend classes until the Taliban’s decision on banning girls’ education has been revoked.

Meanwhile, many students across Afghanistan have boycotted attending classes until female university students are allowed to return to their classes.

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