Exclusive: Afghan Diplomats In Tehran Refuse To Handover Afghan Embassy to Taliban

Tuesday, 01/03/2023

Sources told Afghanistan International that the diplomats in the embassy of Afghanistan in Tehran have declined to handover the embassy to a Taliban representative.

Sources added that the Taliban has nominated Fazl Mohammad Haqqani as the new head of the embassy in Tehran.

According to the sources, the Taliban’s new move has been made with the agreement of Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Iranian ambassador to Kabul.

Sources said that they are ready to shut down the embassy’s operation in Tehran, but will not give it to the Taliban representative.

Other sources in the Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that an agreement has been reached between the Taliban officials and Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the new ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul, to introduce a Taliban member as the acting head of the Afghan embassy in Tehran.

These sources said that the diplomats of the Afghan embassy said that they are willing to seal the embassy and handover the key to the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic, but are not willing to handover the embassy to the Taliban representative.

According to the sources, Haqqani is now in Tehran and is trying to take over the embassy. Currently, Afghan diplomat, Abdul Qayyum Soleimani, is the head the Afghan embassy in Tehran.

Soleimani was the deputy ambassador in the previous government, but after the resignation of the then ambassador to Tehran, Abdul Ghafoor Liwal, he took charge of the embassy.

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