Taliban Arrests Afghan Singer from Panjshir in Kabul

Wednesday, 01/25/2023

Local sources told Afghanistan International that the Taliban arrested Musa Shahin, a local singer of Panjshir province.

The singer had been arrested from his home in Khair Khana area in Kabul on Wednesday morning.

He was arrested by the Taliban last year too, and was released after several days of torture.

The Taliban have not reacted to the reports of his arrest.

According to the sources, about twelve members of the Taliban raided Shahin's house and transferred him to an unknown location.

Musa Shahin sings songs about Panjshir, a province which is one of the main bases of the resistance forces against the Taliban.

Although the Taliban denies violence against civilians in Panjshir, but in more than a year of the group's rule, it has been reported that civilians have been arrested, tortured and in some cases killed on the charge of "collaborating with the resistance front" in the province.

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