Taliban Arrests Pashto Writer Mohammad Ismail Rahmani in Kabul

Monday, 02/20/2023

Sources said that Taliban intelligence operatives have arrested Mohammad Ismail Rahmani, a Pashto language writer, and social media influencer.

These sources told Afghanistan International that Taliban intelligence forces arrested Rahmani in Kabul on Saturday.

According to these sources, Rahmani has been transferred to an unknown location and his fate is not clear yet.

Ismail Rahmani received a master's degree in Shariah studies from Kabul University and has been a religious scholar.

Supporters and some Pashto writers have expressed concern about Rahmani's arrest and asked the Taliban to release him immediately.

Last week, the Taliban arrested social media influencers Sadullah Didan, also known as Haji Kaka, in Nangarhar province and Imran Ahmadzai in the capital city, Kabul.

On Sunday, the Taliban intelligence agency released a video clip of the forced confessions of these two Afghans, who admitted to anti-Taliban activities on their social media pages that have not been posted.

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