Afghanistan International Reporter Aref Yaqubi Jointly Named Journalist of the Year

Thursday, 03/16/2023

Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC) has awarded the journalist of the year award to Aref Yaqubi, reporter of Afghanistan International, along with Mohammad Youssef Hanif, reporter of TOLOnews; and Marjan Wafa, a reporter of Killid Radio.

Somaiya Walizada, a member of the jury of AFJC, said that this year the title has been jointly awarded to these three journalists.

Walizada added that the jury selected Yaqubi for the documentary "Mosafer Darya" which tells the story of illegal migration of photographer and filmmaker, Barat Ali Batoor to Australia, who had documented his long journey from Afghanistan to Australia.

Hanif had been selected for the award because of his reports about the earthquake victims of Paktika province and Wafa has been awarded for continuing to pursue journalism despite restrictions imposed by the Taliban.

The Journalist of the Year Award ceremony was held on Wednesday in Brussels.

In a message sent to the award ceremony, Yaqubi said that Afghanistan under the Taliban reign has transformed into a silent country which increases the responsibility of journalists and media outside Afghanistan to continue their professional journalistic work despite challenges regarding access to information inside the country.

The Taliban has imposed severe restrictions on journalists and media outlets since August 15, 2021. During this time, many media outlets have shut down and media workers have fled Afghanistan.

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