All Pashtuns Will Pay For Taliban’s Actions, Says Famous Pashto Author

Friday, 03/31/2023

Abdul Bari Jahani, former minister of information and culture, said that the power in Afghanistan is in the hands of Pashtuns, particularly those from Kandahar.

Jahani added that Taliban violates the rights of other ethnic groups and Pashtuns will pay for the group’s actions.

In an open letter to the Taliban leaders, Jahani stressed that due to the monopoly of power by the Taliban, especially the Kandahari Taliban, all other ethnic groups in Afghanistan, including non-Kandahari Pashtuns, have become pessimists towards every Pashtun.

Abdul Bari Jahani is a famous Pashto poet and writer. Jahani emphasised in this letter that neither the Pashtuns nor any other ethnic group in Afghanistan have the right to monopolise power and exclude other ethnic groups, who live in Afghanistan just like the Pashtuns, for centuries.

This well-known Pashto poet wrote in his letter to the Taliban leaders that history of Afghanistan has proven that one can take power by force, but it is impossible to maintain it forcefully.

Jahani, who is from Kandahar province, said that due to the monopoly of power by the Taliban, all ethnic groups in the country, including Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Turkmens, and other smaller ethnic groups and even non-Kandahari Pashtuns, are disappointed with the Taliban and all Pashtuns.

He has emphasised that educated Afghans inside and outside the country have been disappointed due to the closure of schools and universities and the ban on women's work.

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