Iranian Sunni Preacher Criticises Taliban’s Policies on Education for Women

Saturday, 04/01/2023

Iranian Sunni Preacher, Mawlawi Abdul Hamid, criticised Taliban’s policies regarding the education of Afghan girls.

During his Friday prayer sermons, Abdul Hamid added that he was afraid that the Taliban's actions would "hurt Islam”.

The Sunni preacher added that the current era is not the like the time of Rashidun Caliphs and urged the Taliban to update their views according to the current era.

Mawlawi Abdul Hamid said, "It is not hundred or two hundred years ago. It is not the era of the Rashidun Caliphs...This era has its own needs. Today, when someone talks about Islam, he must present Islam in the present time and [according] to what is stated in the Quran, and not based on the fatwa of an Islamic school a thousand years back”.

Mawlawi Abdul Hamid emphasised that the "jurisprudents" of the past in Islam had issued fatwas based on the conditions during their time. According to him, "If Imam Abu Hanifa was alive today, he would have changed hundreds of his fatwas. The world has changed."

This Iranian cleric stressed that he is disappointed that Afghan women and girls have been forced to flee Afghanistan for Europe and neighbouring countries to continue their education. He added that in Islam it has been emphasised that men and women should pursue both religious and modern education.

Abdul Hamid also spoke about the rights of other ethnic and religious groups under the Taliban regime. He said that the Taliban should include all ethnic and religious groups in their regime. He said that no ethnic group should feel discriminated against under the Taliban reign in Afghanistan.

The Iranian Sunni preacher urged the Taliban to pay special attention to the Hazaras and Shiites and said, "They (Shiites) should not feel that they are deprived of their rights because of their religious differences from the rest of Afghans."

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