UN Deputy Secretary-General Outraged By Taliban’s Ban on Female Staff

Thursday, 04/06/2023

Amina Mohammed, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, said in a press conference on Wednesday, that she is outraged by the Taliban's decision to ban women from working at the United Nations and considers it against the “belief of Islam”.

Mohammed stressed that the UN’s Afghan female staff members will continue to receive their salaries and posts of women and staff will not be occupied by men.

The Deputy Secretary General of the UN traveled to Kabul in January and discussed Afghanistan issues with Taliban officials.

Speaking at the launch of the 2023 Financing for Sustainable Development Report, she said that the UN will continue to stand by the women and the girls of Afghanistan.

Sima Bahous, the head of UN Women, is another high-ranking United Nations official who condemned the ban on women's working in Afghanistan.

Bahous said that almost a quarter of households in Afghanistan are female-headed, and in order to deliver humanitarian aid to them, female employees must return to their duties.

She added, “The de-facto authorities’ denial of women’s and girls’ rights to education and to their engagement in society and the economy of Afghanistan is a self-inflicted wound on the country.”

Both UN officials asked the Taliban to immediately remove the restrictions on women's work in UN offices and allow Afghan women and girls to study, work and travel.

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