Taliban Forces Shia Community in Daikundi To Break Fast, Says Former MP

Saturday, 04/22/2023

Mehdi Rasikh, a member of parliament in the previous government, confirmed that Taliban have forced Hazara-Shia residents of Daikundi province to break their fast and celebrate Eid.

Rasikh added that those who disobeyed the Taliban have been severely beaten up and imprisoned.

The former MP added, "The shopkeepers of Nili Bazaar were forcibly taken to the headquarters of the brigade by Haji Rashid, the commander of the Taliban brigade, and all of them were forced to drink water and break their fast."

Rasikh criticised the Taliban and said that the group has targeted religious beliefs, culture, and most private issues of the people and abolished religious diversity.

Earlier, the Taliban officials in Balkh had ordered the Shia community members in the province to celebrate Eid according to the fatwa of the Taliban leaders.

The Supreme Court of the Taliban announced on Tuesday that the head of the Taliban court for Balkh province has conveyed this message to the Shia community representatives.

Shia-Hazara communities of Afghanistan usually follow their religious leaders and celebrate religious ceremonies including Eid, sometimes a day apart from Sunni Hanafi citizens of Afghanistan.

Taliban announced Eid in Afghanistan on Friday, but it seems that most Shiites celebrate Eid on Saturday.

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