Women’s Rights Coalition Accuses UN of Being “Complicit with Taliban’s Gender Apartheid”

Saturday, 05/13/2023

The Coalition of Afghan Women Protest Movements accused the United Nations of "complicity with the gender apartheid" by the Taliban.

The Coalition questioned the UN’s commitment to human rights values as it is complying with the Taliban’s repression of Afghan women.

In a statement on Friday, the Coalition added that the UN has allowed its agencies in Afghanistan to abide by the Taliban’s orders in the name of aid distribution and humanitarian assistance.

The statement of the Coalition stressed that the United Nations’ compliance and acceptance of the Taliban’s restrictions imposed on women has given the Taliban the courage to continue violating women’s rights.

However, the Coalition of Afghan Women Protest Movements urged the United Nations and other humanitarian organisations to stand in defence of Afghan women’s rights.

The Coalition said that the United Nations and other aid agencies in Afghanistan must suspend their activities until Afghan women are allowed to work. In the statement, it is emphasised that these agencies should use any means and pressurise Taliban and hold them accountable in cases of human rights violations.

The coalition of Afghan Women Protest Movements consists of the Justice and Freedom Movement, the Spontaneous Movement of Protesting Women, the Unity and Solidarity Team, the Main Movement of Powerful Women, the Takhar Women's Movement, and the Afghan Women's Revolutionary Movement.

After the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan in August 2021, these movements repeatedly appeared on the streets of Kabul and some provinces and protested against the group’s policies.

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