Taliban Flogs Six People At A Stadium in Kandahar City

Wednesday, 05/24/2023

Taliban publicly flogged six people on various charges at a stadium in Kandahar city on Wednesday.

Taliban’s Supreme Court announced that these people have been punished on the charges of theft and “running away with women” in the presence of conman public and group officials.

The Taliban Supreme Court has not provided details of the punishment for these Afghan citizens, but has stressed that these people have confessed to their “crimes”.

After taking control of Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban has publicly punished hundreds of citizens on various charges.

Earlier, Abdul Malik Haqqani, the deputy chief justice in the Taliban’s Supreme Court, announced that since taking power in Afghanistan, the group had sentenced hundreds of people to “Qisas [retribution] and stoning”.

Haqqani said that the Taliban has ordered the execution of 175 people and the stoning of 37 people throughout Afghanistan since taking power in the country.

He emphasised that the courts of this group have ordered four people to be buried alive and Sharia laws have been implemented on 103 other people.

Human rights groups have repeatedly called on the Taliban to stop the public punishment of Afghan citizens and have stressed that those accused by the Taliban don’t have access to due procedures and justice.

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