Iran’s Interior Minister Claims “Irresponsible” Low-Ranking Taliban Officials Dismissed

Wednesday, 05/31/2023

Ahmad Vahidi, Iran’s interior minister, said that the Taliban has dismissed some of its "irresponsible" or "low-level" officials who made statements against Iran.

Vahidi didn’t name these dismissed Taliban officials.

However, Abdul Hamid Khorasani, the commander of the "Nasser Badri" unit of the Taliban, threatened Iran several times after the border conflict between the Taliban and Iran escalated in Nimroz province.

Khorasani had published a video clip, which he later deleted, warning that the Islamic Republic should owe gratitude to the patience of the Taliban elders, otherwise, his forces will fight Iran more eagerly than the jihad against the United States.

Recently, and before the border conflict between the two sides, Khorasani had announced that he had "resigned" from his position as the district governor of the Taliban in the Ahmadabad district of Paktia province.

Referring to the dismissal of some Taliban officials, Iran's Interior Minister added that they had made "unreasonable statements" against the Islamic Republic.

Vahidi said that Tehran has been engaging with the Taliban and "the issues should be resolved through dialogue".

He added that currently, the situation in the border areas of Afghanistan and Iran is calm and the borders are open to traffic.

Iran's interior minister said that the Taliban opened fire by mistake in the border areas of Nimroz, and during the skirmish, the two sides lost members of its forces.

He urged the Taliban to "be careful and justify their border guards so that such incidents do not happen".

On Saturday, the Taliban fighters and the border guards of the Islamic Republic clashed in the border areas of Nimroz province.

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