Senior IRGC Official Stresses Afghanistan, Pakistan Not A Threat To Iran

Thursday, 06/01/2023

Hossein Maroufi, Deputy Head of Mobilisation of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), referred to border clash with Taliban and said that many on social media, spoke about waging a war with the group.

Maroufi stressed that Afghanistan and Pakistan are not a threat to Iran.

According to Iran Student News Agency (ISNA), the Deputy Head of Mobilisation of IRGC added that Iran’s enemies want to trick the country on a local issue and emphasised that the clash with the Taliban must have been resolved locally and in the Hirmand district.

This Iranian senior security official called the border skirmish with the Taliban a mistake and said that waging a war against the Taliban is not right.

Maroufi stressed that Iran is facing “enemies such as the United States and Israel”.

The recent border skirmish between Iranian border guards and the Taliban fighters has had victims on both sides.

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