Taliban Appoints Committee To Oversee Hiring, Operations of NGOs in Herat

Thursday, 06/01/2023

The Directorate of Economy of Herat province announced that a four-member committee has been appointed to oversee the activities of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

The committee will supervise the hiring, project implementation, and aid distribution of these NGOs.

Abdul Qadir Nasir, Director of the Economy Directorate of Herat, told the Taliban-controlled Bakhtar News Agency, that they will try to bring transparency to the activities of NGOs, and “the committee will consist of a representative from Herat governor’s office and three other members from the directorate of economy”.

According to Nasir, the committee has evaluated all registered NGOs in Herat, 48 of which have been considered illegal and active against the principles of the Taliban. However, Nasir didn’t elaborate on nullifying the licences of these NGOs.

Earlier, the Taliban announced that the group allows activities of independent organisations which should not be against the “Taliban regime”. The Taliban has not shown any tolerance to those who criticise the group and has prevented such activities.

In over the last two decades, it is the first time that Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) which have been active as private groups, have been put under the supervision of government agencies.

However, the Taliban’s Directorate of Economy has not explained whether the international aid organisations in Herat have been included in the oversight mission of the newly formed committee.

The US State Department recently accused the Taliban of interfering in the activities of international relief organisations in Afghanistan and trying to benefit from the humanitarian projects of these aid agencies.

The US Department of State stressed that the Taliban’s interferences have caused the suspension of several aid projects funded by the United States in Ghor and Ghazni provinces of Afghanistan.

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