Afghan Mighty Women Movement Dances In Unique Protest Against Taliban Leader’s Statement

Friday, 06/02/2023

Members of the Afghanistan Mighty Women Movement have appeared in a group dance to protest the statement of the Taliban leader about Afghan women.

Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada has reportedly said that Afghan women have been reformed.

On Friday, the women movement released the dance video clip and wrote in a statement, "The women and girls of Afghanistan had been reformed before, but the medieval thinking of the Taliban, has confined them to their homes for more than a year."

The video clip released by this women movement shows Afghan women wearing burqas dancing to a Taliban song.

The Taliban considers burqa for women as "the best example of hijab" in Afghanistan and has imposed their desired form of hijab across the country.

Referring to the achievements of women in the last two decades, the Afghanistan Mighty Women Movement said that the movement has not backed down from its "just and humane demands" in Afghanistan.

The movement stressed that the group dance is a warning to the Taliban that Afghan women will not back down from their position until they achieve "freedom, equality, and justice".

The Taliban consider dance and music to be against "Sharia" and have imposed a complete ban on music and other entertainments, particularly for women in Afghanistan.

In the past twenty months since the group has taken control of Afghanistan, the Taliban has also issued decrees attributed to its leader that restricts women’s social life across the country.

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