Taliban’s Former Police Chief Safiullah Samim Killed in Explosion in Badakhshan

Thursday, 06/08/2023

Moezuddin Ahmadi, the director of information and culture of Taliban in Badakhshan, confirmed to Afghanistan International that Safiullah Samim, the former police chief of the group in Baghlan, has been killed in an explosion at the Nabawi mosque in Faizabad city.

The explosion targeted the funeral ceremony of the deputy governor of the Taliban in Badakhshan on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, sources told Afghanistan International that because of Thursday's explosion, several others have also been killed and wounded.

The Taliban, however, did not provide details about the exact number of casualties.

After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, Safiullah Samim was appointed as the police chief of the group for Baghlan, but he was recently removed from this position and didn’t have any official position in the Taliban government.

Several other senior Taliban officials were present at the funeral ceremony of Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi in Badakhshan.

Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, Taliban’s deputy governor in Badakhshan, was killed in a car bomb explosion on Tuesday.

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