Don’t Need International Recognition, Says Taliban’s Interior Minister

Thursday, 07/20/2023

Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Taliban's interior minister, in a meeting with the elders of the Ahmadzai tribe, claimed that the group has public support.

In the meeting, Haqqani said that the Taliban does not need to be recognised.

The Taliban's Ministry of Interior in a statement on Thursday wrote that the purpose of Haqqani's meeting with the elders of the Ahmadzai tribe was supporting the survival of the Taliban regime.

According to the statement, Haqqani told the elders of the Ahmadzai tribe, "Nations which are successful in the world are those who have unity and successful governments are those that have the support of the people.”

The Taliban's interior minister said, "When the government has your [public] support, there is no need for recognition."

Recently, in a meeting with some residents of Paktia province, Haqqani had said that failure to accept the orders of foreigners is the reason that the world doesn’t recognise the group’s government.

During his trip to Khost province last year, he asked the international community to establish official relations with the Taliban in order to respond to the legitimate needs of both parties.

The international community has repeatedly announced that it will not recognise the Taliban regime until they fulfil their commitments.

Increasing restrictions on women, violation of human rights, lack of inclusive government, and the presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan are some of the reasons why the international community doesn’t recognise the Taliban.

The Taliban, however, claims that they have fulfilled their commitments, including fighting against terrorist groups.

In March, Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Taliban’s foreign minister, had said that the Taliban doesn’t understand what other steps should take to receive international recognition.

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