Taliban Confirms Release of 75 Afghan Nationals From Pakistani Prisons

Wednesday, 08/30/2023

The Taliban consulate in Karachi announced the release of 75 Afghan prisoners from the Sindh prison in Pakistan.

Abdul Jabbar Takhari, the Taliban Consul in Karachi, said that these prisoners were freed and transferred to Afghanistan from various prisons in Sindh on Tuesday.

According to Takhari, six children were among the Afghan prisoners.

The Taliban official added that so far 2,516 Afghans have been released from Pakistani prisons and transferred to Afghanistan.

Takhari added that the Afghan consulate in the city of Karachi, which is under the control of the Taliban, is also trying to free 300 more Afghan prisoners.

In the past few months, the Pakistani police have arrested hundreds of Afghans who have travelled to the country due to security threats, health reasons, and migration to third countries.

Pakistani officials have said that these Afghan nationals had been arrested due to a lack of legal document issues.

Previously, human rights organisations and activists have expressed concern about the situation of Afghan immigrants in Pakistan.

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