Will Not Return To Afghanistan With Such Calls, Hazara Leader Responds To Taliban

Friday, 09/08/2023

Mohammad Mohaqiq, leader of the People’s Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan, said that there must be fundamental resolve to the challenges of Afghanistan.

Mohaqiq responded to Taliban’s interior minister's call to return to Afghanistan and said that his return will not be facilitated with such calls.

Sirajuddin Haqqani, Taliban’s Interior Minister, visited Bamiyan province, and publicly asked Hazara leaders, Mohammad Mohaqiq and Karim Khalili, to return to Afghanistan.

However, Mohaqiq told Afghanistan International that the offer is not something new and cannot solve the problems of Afghanistan.

On Thursday, Haqqani asked Mohaqiq, Khalili and other Hazara leaders to return to Afghanistan and live as elders among their people.

The Taliban's interior minister added, "It is not good to live abroad as a tribal elder."

Addressing Khalili and Mohaqiq, Haqqani said that elders are valued and respected in Afghanistan and if they return to Afghanistan, they will be treated with respect.

This senior Taliban official also promised the people of Bamiyan that he would share their demands with the members of the Taliban’s cabinet and the group's leader.

Haqqani described Bamiyan province as a symbol of national unity of the Afghans. He said that the coexistence of Shias and Sunnis with kindness is a good gesture for everyone.

He added that there has been ethnic, sectarian and linguistic prejudice in Afghanistan, but there has never been any sectarian war in the history of Afghanistan.

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