12 ISIS-K Members Arrested In Northern Afghanistan, Claims Taliban

Saturday, 09/09/2023

Al-Mersaad, a media outlet affiliated with the Taliban, reported that 12 members of ISIS-K have been arrested in Badakhshan province by the group.

The Taliban media claimed that these people are key members of ISIS-K and were involved in attacks in Badakhshan province over the last two years.

According to the reports, the Taliban operation against ISIS-K forces in Badakhshan had been completed in four days.

The report quoted Taliban officials as saying that as the result of the operation, 12 ISIS-K members had been arrested and two AK-47 and 2,865 ammunitions, bombs, explosives and other technical equipment were seized.

The identity of the arrested persons and the exact location of the alleged operation against ISIS-K have not been announced.

Tajikistan, which shares the border with Badakhshan, has repeatedly announced that ISIS-K has thousands of members in Afghanistan and that terrorist groups in Afghanistan are a threat to the security of the region.

Last week, the National Security Committee of Tajikistan had announced that three members of an international terrorist organisation had entered Tajikistan from Afghanistan and were killed by the country's forces.

Ruslan Seissembayev, Deputy of National Security Committee of Kazakhstan, on Friday said that ISIS-K has around 6000 ISIS members in Afghanistan.

This Kazakh official stressed that Taliban has failed to provide security and that Afghanistan is still the hub for international terrorist groups.

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