Taliban Regime Won’t Survive As People Don’t Recognise It, Says Former British Envoy

Tuesday, 09/12/2023

Nicholas Kay, former British ambassador to Afghanistan, said that the Taliban regime will not last long because Afghans do not see themselves living under the group’s rule.

In an interview with Afghanistan International, Kay said that Afghanistan will witness another tumultuous change.

On Monday, Kay mentioned the reasons which portray how vulnerable, fragile and isolated the Taliban is.

He said that before the Taliban assumes that they will remain in power forever, they should look at history, the Afghan people and other regional stakeholders.

This former British ambassador pointed to the history of Afghanistan over the last fifty years which has experienced at least seven different regimes.

He said that this historical evidence shows that Afghanistan is about to witness another tumultuous change.

Kay pointed to the political isolation of the Taliban by the international community; internal differences among the group; tense relations with neighbouring countries, especially Pakistan; severe decline in international aid and the lack of an inclusive government, which, according to him, has alarmed the group.

This former British official said that so far, no country has recognised the Taliban and the group is vulnerable due to the international isolation.

He said that the weaknesses of the Taliban can lead to an uprising and rebellion inside Afghanistan.

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