Taliban PM Accepts Credentials Of New Chinese Ambassador In Afghanistan

Wednesday, 09/13/2023

China has appointed a new ambassador to Afghanistan. Taliban Prime Minister Mullah Hassan Akhund accepted the new Chinese ambassador's credentials on Wednesday.

Bilal Karimi, Taliban’s Deputy Spokesperson said that a special reception ceremony for Zhao Xing, the new Chinese ambassador, was held in the Arg (presidential palace) with the presence of the group's prime minister, Mullah Hasan Akhund.

It seems that this is the first public and official meeting of the Taliban Prime Minister after his return from Kandahar. Mullah Hassan Akhund returned to Kabul on July after a two-month absence.

Since returning to Kabul, he has not attended official meetings. Recently, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid told the media that Mullah Hasan Akhund has health issues.

Bilal Karimi on Wednesday said that Zhao Xing, in a meeting with the officials of the group, said that China respects the territorial integrity and independence of Afghanistan.

According to the Taliban, Xing stressed that China does not follow the policy of interference in the Afghanistan affairs.

Former Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, Wang Yu's term ended last month.

Karimi, quoting the Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, has written that he is trying to expand political and economic relations and cooperation between China and Taliban.

Akhund has also said that by appointment of Xing as ambassador, diplomatic relations between China and Afghanistan will expand.

In this meeting, Taliban’s Prime Minister said that the relations between the two countries have seen new developments after the group's takeover of power in Afghanistan.

China is one of the countries that has close relations with the Taliban. This country has been eyeing Afghanistan's mines for the past two years and has signed several mining contracts with the Taliban.

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