Former Security Forces Member Found Dead In Kandahar

Tuesday, 09/19/2023

Rahmatullah Andar, former spokesperson for the National Security Council of the previous government, said that the body of Khalil Ahmad Akhlaqi, a former security forces member, had been found in Aino Mina area of Kandahar city.

Andar said that the Taliban had arrested him on September 15 from police district 10 of Kandahar.

The Taliban have not reacted to Andar's claim yet.

On social media platform X, Andar wrote that the body of Akhlaqi, son of Dostum Khan from Jari district of Kandahar, was found with his neck severed and stab marks on his body.

He added that Akhlaqi lived in Aino Mina and "was threatened several times by the Taliban".

According to him, this former security forces member wanted to flee Afghanistan due to the persistent threats, but he could not find any opportunity to leave the country.

Bilal Sarwary, a well-known Afghan journalist, published a photo of this security forces member wearing local clothing and holding a young boy in his arms, and wrote on X, "It has been two years since the Taliban have been subjecting civilians to extrajudicial trials and executing them."

In a recent report, the United Nations officially accused the Taliban of killing dozens of former security forces members of the previous government.

The Taliban, however, said that most of these murders were carried out with personal motives and that the group had no role in the killings.

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