Taliban’s Removal of Afghan Women From Social Life Is Devastating, Says Canadian FM

Wednesday, 09/20/2023

Melanie Joly, Canada's foreign minister, said that the Taliban’s policies to remove Afghan women and girls from social life are devastating.

She asked the United Nations General Assembly to hold the Taliban accountable for their actions against Afghan women and girls.

Joly further emphasised that the actions of the Taliban places girls at risk of underage marriages, jeopardising the future of numerous young girls, and the exclusion of women from economic participation exacerbates the country's predicament.

She stressed that the international community should continue to support Afghan girls and women and monitor what is happening in the country.

Joly asked the United Nations to hold the Taliban accountable for the group's actions, "because women's rights are non-negotiable”.

Canada's foreign minister said that the failure of the United Nations and the international community to support Afghan girls and women would constitute a betrayal of one of the fundamental principles upon which the United Nations is founded.

The United Nations General Assembly met on Tuesday. Leaders from a number of countries addressed this meeting.

During this meeting, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also emphasised that the Taliban has systematically deprived Afghan women and girls of their rights.

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