Taliban Shuts Down Educational Centers for Girls In Herat, Say Local Sources

Tuesday, 11/14/2023

Local sources in Herat confirmed that the Taliban prevented female students from attending classes by attacking educational centers.

An educational center official said that the armed Taliban officials took pictures of the girls in the classrooms and asked them to leave the educational center.

According to him, the Taliban fighters said on Tuesday that the girls did not adhere to the hijab preferences of the group and that male teachers were teaching in their classes.

Local officials told Afghanistan International that the Taliban's education administration in Herat has closed several educational centers in Herat. In some of these centers, girls were studying English, German and computers courses.

According to sources, some other girls' educational centers in Herat have also closed their doors due to the fear of the Taliban.

A female student told Afghanistan International that the Taliban had taken action to close the gates of girls' educational centers in Herat, three days ago.

She added that the armed Taliban officials prevented girls from going to classes at the entrances of the school.

A teacher at one of the educational centers said that the Taliban had asked them to close the center a few days ago. He added that the officials of the center informed the girls to refrain from coming there for a few days.

Yet the Taliban have not commented on the closure of girls' educational centers, but some sources in the Taliban's education administration said that the closure is temporary.

Over the last two years, the Taliban has not only prohibited girls from attending schools beyond the sixth grade, but also barred women from going to universities.

Over the past few months, there have been reports that the Taliban banned girls from going to educational centers in Kabul.

The group has imposed extensive restrictions on women and girls. Based on these restrictions, women are not allowed to work in non-governmental organisations. The group has also banned women from sports and recreation.

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