Sindh Police Allegedly Detain Afghans Holding Legal Documentation

Tuesday, 11/14/2023

Abdul Jabbar Takhari, the Taliban's Consul General in Karachi, alleged that Sindh province police in Pakistan have been detaining Afghan immigrants with valid documents, only to release them upon receiving bribes.

Takhari discussed these issues with Sindh Interior Minister Haris Nawaz.

The Taliban consulate in Karachi stated on Tuesday that, despite Pakistan's federal and state authorities assuring that properly documented Afghan immigrants would not be persecuted, there are numerous reports of their arrest and subsequent release in return for money.

Takhari also mentioned that some individuals in Pakistan are exploiting this situation by threatening Afghan immigrants with eviction from their jobs and homes.

During his meeting with Nawaz, Takhari urged for an acceleration in the release of Afghan detainees from Pakistani prisons.

The Taliban consulate in Karachi conveyed that Nawaz is looking into the reported harassment of Afghans with legal residency in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior previously declared that the deportation of Afghan refugees holding legal residence permits is not currently planned.

In recent months, Pakistani police have detained several hundred Afghan immigrants, raising concerns among human rights groups about the treatment of Afghan immigrants in Pakistani jails.

For the past two weeks, Pakistan has been deporting undocumented Afghan immigrants.

This action impacts approximately 1.7 million undocumented Afghan immigrants in Pakistan.

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