Taliban Responds to UN Assessment, Rejects Need To Form Inclusive Govt in Afghanistan

Tuesday, 11/21/2023

In response to the assessment of the UN special coordinator on Afghanistan, the Taliban announced their opposition to an “intra-Afghan dialogue” and participation of other Afghan politicians.

The group has said that there is no need to form an inclusive government and the people of Afghanistan are satisfied with the Taliban government.

The Taliban claimed that they had saved Afghans from corrupt and repressive rulers of the previous government and had ended warlordism in Afghanistan.

On November 17, Feridun Sinirlioglu, the UN special coordinator on Afghanistan, presented his assessment report of the situation in Afghanistan to the UN Security Council. The report is described as the road map of interaction with the Taliban.

Sinirlioglu said that the Taliban's adherence to human rights, and a political process for the participation of Afghan political factions can lead to the normalisation of relations between the international community and the Taliban government.

In response, the Taliban said that the group’s government is inclusive and represents various ethnic and religious groups.

The group said, "Any attempt to bring back the failed figures of the past or form a coalition government is contrary to the sacrifices made by the Afghans."

The Taliban had accepted and agreed to "starting an intra-Afghan dialogue" in the Doha agreement with the United States, which led to the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan. The group had announced that after the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, it would start a dialogue with Afghan political factions.

Following the fall of Kabul in August 2021, the leaders of prominent Afghan political groups fled the country to the neighbouring countries. They stressed that an inclusive government must be formed in Afghanistan.

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