Pakistani Media Reports Closure of Torkham Border By Taliban

Tuesday, 11/21/2023

On Tuesday, Pakistani media outlets reported that the Taliban has closed the Torkham border crossing with Pakistan.

The crossing was closed after Pakistan implemented visa requirement for truck drivers at Torkham to visit the country, starting Tuesday.

According to reports, Sarfraz Bugti, Pakistan’s Caretaker Minister of Interior, has emphasised on border security and the passage of people with visas from Afghanistan.

Taliban officials have not yet commented on the matter.

Visa requirements for truck Afghan drivers to enter the country is a new step taken by the Pakistani government.

In recent weeks, the interim government of Pakistan implemented a similar decision at the border between Chaman and Spin Boldak of Kandahar province too. In response to the newly enforced passport and visa policy, thousands of people have initiated a sit-in at the Chaman border on the Pakistani soil.

Meanwhile, Torkham border crossing reopened for businessmen and travellers on September 15 after being closed for nine days.

The Torkham border was closed due to a clash between Pakistani border guards and Taliban fighters.

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