Many Deported Refugees From Pakistan Face Security Challenges in Afghanistan, Says UNHCR

Tuesday, 11/21/2023

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Afghanistan (UNHCR) said that a number of refugees deported by Pakistan had left Afghanistan due to security threats.

Caroline Gluck, the UNHCR spokesperson, emphasised that these individuals have undergone significant developments and are currently confronting numerous perils in Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, publishing a video, UNHCR said that since the announcement of Pakistan's decision to deport undocumented refugees in mid-September, more than 327,000 Afghan refugees have returned to Afghanistan.

Many deported asylum seekers have told UNHCR that they were persecuted during their deportation. The spokesperson of the commission stressed that the return of migrants to Afghanistan should be voluntary and not forced.

Following the end of the one-month deadline, the interim government of Pakistan announced that it will detain and deport people without legal documentation.

Over the past few weeks, Pakistani police have initiated door-to-door searches, detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants. Additionally, there have been reports of misbehaviour by Pakistani police towards Afghan immigrants, including the confiscation of their property. These actions have prompted a strong reaction from the Taliban officials.

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