Herat Residents Delay Burial of Hazara Victims in Protest Against Targeted Violence

Saturday, 12/02/2023

In a profound act of protest against the ongoing systematic violence towards Hazaras and Shias in Afghanistan, residents of Jebrael town in Herat city have initially refused to bury the bodies of those killed in a recent attack.

This decision reflects the community's deep-seated frustration and grief.

On Saturday, following the attack, Noor Ahmad Islamjar, the Taliban-appointed governor of Herat, met with local representatives, urging them to proceed with the burials. During this meeting, the representatives voiced strong demands for the security of Hazaras and Shias in the city and called for the arrest and punishment of those responsible for the recent spate of assassinations of Hazara and Shia clerics in Herat.

Governor Islamjar attributed Friday's attack to what he termed "enemies" of Afghanistan, suggesting their intent to sow discord amongst Afghan communities. Despite these assertions, the grief and unrest within the Hazara community continue to resonate strongly.

Local sources from Herat disclosed that, following discussions with the Taliban governor, representatives from Jebrael town decided to bury the deceased. A funeral for the victims has been scheduled for Sunday in Herat city.

The attack, which claimed the lives of at least six individuals, including two Shia clerics, occurred on Friday afternoon in an area between Shuhada town and Kore Melli towns of Jebrael. The incident has not only caused mourning but also sparked significant reactions from political leaders across Afghanistan, many of whom view it as part of a broader, ongoing genocide against the Hazara community in the country.

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