UN Raises Alarm Over Arbitrary Detention of Women's Rights Activists in Kabul

Thursday, 12/07/2023

The United Nations in Kabul has expressed serious concerns regarding the deteriorating health of Afghan women's rights activists currently imprisoned by the Taliban.

These detentions have been characterised as "arbitrary and prolonged" by the United Nations.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has reported that the Taliban have been holding four women's rights activists in Kabul since September. In response, UNAMA has called on the Taliban to ensure that these women receive proper health care, are allowed family visits, and have access to legal representation.

UNAMA has also stressed the importance of protecting freedom of opinion and expression in accordance with the Taliban's international human rights commitments.

Recent reports from Afghanistan International confirm that Julia Parsi, a prominent figure among Afghan women staging protests in Kabul, was moved to a hospital from a Taliban detention facility. Human rights advocates have reported that Parsi's transfer was necessitated by a significant decline in her physical and mental health, a deterioration attributed to the harsh conditions and alleged torture within the Taliban's prison.

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