US Special Envoy Urges Taliban to Release Imprisoned Women Activists on Human Rights Day

Saturday, 12/09/2023

Marking International Human Rights Day, Rina Amiri, the US Special Representative for Women, Girls, and Human Rights in Afghanistan, has appealed to the Taliban for the release of female activists currently in detention.

Amiri emphasised that activists like Zholia Parsi, Manizha Seddiqi, Neda Parwani, Parisa Azada, and others, who are human rights defenders, deserve recognition rather than punishment.

In a statement on X social platform, Amiri highlighted that these women were imprisoned "for courageously standing up for the rights of the Afghan people." She reiterated her previous stance that the Taliban's discriminatory practices against women and girls rank among the most severe human rights violations globally.

Amiri also stressed the need for accountability for those complicit in oppressing Afghan women and girls. Under the Taliban's two-year rule, there has been a pattern of arresting critics, particularly women protesters. Since seizing power, the Taliban has enforced extensive restrictions on women, affecting multiple aspects of social and personal life and infringing upon their fundamental human rights.

Periodically, women have taken to the streets to protest against the Taliban's oppressive measures, showcasing their resilience and demand for basic rights and freedoms.

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